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Learn to shoot at Rushgreen Bowmen Witham

Beginners Courses

We are passionate about growing our sport welcoming new members. 

We have a proud tradition of running beginners courses throughout the year. 

Each course runs for four consecutive weeks on a Monday evening during winter from 7pm until 9pm and Fridays in the Summer from 6pm until dark.


To ensure continuity and no overlapping of courses, participants must be able to commit to attending all four nights.


Courses currently cost £50 per participant which is payable on the first session. This includes all the equipment you will need.


We can accept juniors from the age of 10, although we insist that all under 18s must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.

Clothing Requirements:


It is advisable that you wear flat shoes and clothing appropriate to the time of year. Layers are best when shooting outdoors, especially a thermal 'base' layer as it can get quite chilly out on the playing fields.


Please do not wear clothing with baggy or loose sleeves as this will interfere with the bow string. A close fitting top, preferably sleeveless is best. If you have long hair it is best to tie it back.

After Completing the Course


We would be delighted if you decide to join the club after completing a course. We ask that you obtain your own equipment within a month of doing so. Do please go to a professional shop (such as Merlin Archery in Rettendon) for proper advice as equipment requirements are very specific and mistakes can be costly.

Still Not Sure?


If you're still not sure or if you have any questions you would rather discuss face to face, come along to one of our Friday practice nights. You can see what goes on, have a chat with our members, and time permitting maybe even have a quick go.

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